$3 Fries Vs. $100 Fries


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    FRIES COME FROM BELGIUM!!! French people can't make decent fries... To people who want to make good fries, peel and cut potatoes, put them in oil at 150°C until they get soft and supple, take them out, then put them in once more at 180-190°C until they become crispy on the outside. Bit of salt, and voilà.

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    xlNavinalx Roblox Ալլա։ պուգաչովա

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    Worth is salads or popcorn?

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    Don't you think at some point we will look back on videos like these and others as we do with slavery and the Holocaust?

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    I was about to go to sleep! Then I saw thiss!!!! Y o y?!??

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    You look like asian brad pitt

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    The sunday happy hour fries half off at zinburger. 3 dollar truffle fries! 5 dollar breakfast burgers, mansized. Stuff your face with 2 huge burgers and 3 servings (9 dollars) of generous servings of sweet potato/truffle fries. A humungo meal or share with friends, 40 dollars for 3 people. Which is worth it for me. 2 burgers each person and sharing 3 servings for fries. Wait... i sound like im advertising. No I'm just really satisfied with zinburger and its worth it since im a poor cheapo ramen eater.

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    What’s up with the Chinese guy ?

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    YAAAAAAAAAAA Vegan fries in Montreal WOOOO!

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    Fries comes from belgium

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    10 lb baby? Please...I weighed 11 pounds 2 oz when i was born. Sorry mom...

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    i thought i was the only one that loved french fries... we are all obsessed!!!!!!

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    You guys should do candy

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    1:08 "Hand cut curly fries" puts it into a machine..

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    Steven Vegan ........Keegan? I tried. Sorry

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    #1 on trending in Canada

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    I shouldn’t watch this am fasting... but it’s so good

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    When it’s Ramadan and watching this is torture... *slowly crumbles to death*

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    Какого хуя это у меня в тренде

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    Best ones are from belgium

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    *THE FRIES OF THE FRENCH* *delicieux!*

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    Who else is fasting and watching this ?

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    Comes to Montreal for most epic fries and goes to random diy poutine place... typical buzzfeed level research right there.. Because who would want to eat fries made in rendered duck fat or better yet a foiegras poutine??

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    The fact that unsolved was referenced in worth it makes me so unbelievably happy

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    Why did they "not want to go to France"?

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    Worth it flan

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    When I heard that deep voice come out of Andrew I gotta admit I was kinda like 😍😍. But he's cute to me anyway cuz I like dry sarcasm.

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    12:35 sounds like Burger kind foot lettuce

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    FRENCH FRIES ARE FROM BELGIUM!!! My heart is aching at the fact that you guys went all the way to Montreal for real french fries when the aren't even french. They are called french fries because you french them (the cut thin) not because they are from France. My Belgian soul can't see this without going on a tangent.

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    Who else got up and ate fries

  37. 2 Steps

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    Hold up. Some guys buy fries literally for $100 but my parents freak out when I waste like $5. Life isn't fair- Scar.

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    My worth it winner is PutinVille automatically I cant beleive that you choose kimchi over putin WOW

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    I’m out here eating school lunch and watching this

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    Please say you are dating 😊 You guys would make an adorable couple

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    When you live in Canada but not in Montreal:😔😔😔

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    The Best part was the Unsolved Ryan Bregara imitation. XD he NAILED it!!! His Shane could use some work.

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    Mcdonald fries are the most worthy over any other fries on planet earth.

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    @BuzzFeedVideo.. nice episode~ when the title was about fries.. was hoping you did go to the UK and try what some say a "Michelin Star" level of fries. I wonder what would be your verdict to that level of fries. Love your videos contents 💖💖💖

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    #9 trenden in the Netherlands🔥

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    Do worth it wings

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    C A N A D A I S N ' T R E A L

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    wow Steven is still the most unfunny and uninteresting person on Earth

  51. Juliette Dupéré

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    if you guys are still in montreal go to La Banquise for some poutine ayyyy or like any micro brewery for poutine

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    7:58 I felt that eye contact

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    This makes me so hungry...

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    Dude french fries aren't from france

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    i am LIVING for the Buzzfeed Unsolved/ Worth It crossovers hahahahaha

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    I want a Adam aka the camera man episode

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    I like this series but you guys did a poutine episode not fries. And you didn’t even go to the famous Michelin starred restaurant for what is considered the best fries ever. Smh

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    Seaweed Shaker fries

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    Quebec représente

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    Matt Stonie needs to do this

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    I love fries 🍟

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    McDonald’s and chic fil a win. For me

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    I have to watch this video later. I'm about to be so hungry

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    No joke I was eating a everything bagel when they were also eating a everything bagel. I'm Canadian btw.

  66. iRecordRandomVids

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    Best fries I've had yet were truffle fries from a fancy place in Detroit. Spent $9 for a small handful of fries. Totally worth it though.

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    5 million views for bougie fries...amazing

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    8:20 mmmh oui continuez à parler Français avec votre accent délicieux

  69. Momodou Samateh

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    "Pohtayto" 😂😂

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    the best french fries are served in a restaurant called boheme in houston texas

  71. Charles-Antoine Martel-Roy

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    It's fun to live in Montreal and know the places they visit. The Poutineville they went to is about 5 minutes away from my house loll

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    3:04 PORTAL!

  73. Hamza Khalid

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    I'm fasting.

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    Eeew!! Hotdogs and gravy with all that other stuff! 😖