Ariana Grande, Jimmy & The Roots Sing "No Tears Left to Cry" w/ Nintendo Labo Instruments


  1. #1 Smiler

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    Nickelodeon Queen 😍

  2. Malibu

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  3. Kadence

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    Beautiful But stop tuning my girls voice!!

  4. Júnior José Carlos Dos Santos

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    Caraca que som dahora que eles tiraram do Nintendo Labo! Excelente iniciativa!

  5. Heymynameisdurf

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    I think I like this slightly better than the original...... nope thats a lie. I definitely love this more than the original

  6. Suzuya Juuzou

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    Maravilhosa ♥️

  7. VatexTV

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  8. Tobias Hørsted

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    2:05 wow

  9. \ Daan /

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    No hate but in some parts her voice sounds edited... like if you hear it too

  10. funbun686

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    This is what I needed

  11. Luca Zanettin

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    I’m not into pop music that much but damn she’s an amazing singer, perfect technique 🎤🎶

  12. Meli and Isa toys for sisters

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    Ariana truly has an angels voice 😊


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    Ariana Grande + Labo = Super Duper Amazing

  14. Robin Mendoza

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    "Jimmy Fallon and The Labos"

  15. Emily Cook

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    what a talented group of people. the roots were superior per usual, jimmy did amazing, and ariana's vocals and triangle skills per usual the best thing my life as witnessed. i stan!!

  16. Chicho Abrue

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    I have finals tommorow to study 4 and here I am listening to ariana Grande. Ughh

  17. Gustavo Acero

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    No lo sé, Rick, parece falso...

  18. Alvina Lua

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    I can’t stop replaying this ❤️

  19. Bambi Candy

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    I like how unique this is 🤩

  20. sarah ♡

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  21. bts ytif

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    i love her so much

  22. Olivia Yano

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    This truly shows her voice wasn’t auto-tuned... Good workk ❤️

  23. Jheferson roberto

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  24. smallbluemachine

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    She’s going to be great singer when she grows up.

  25. Kaio Emanuel Silva Lopes

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  26. partha mitra

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  27. Rachel Shah

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    So effortless.

  28. zoozbuh

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  29. LMR GrandeBTSvs

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    lil cutie :(

  30. Dafuq Sieb

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    G E N I U S

  31. Benicio Rodri

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  32. Kezia L.s

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  33. Video.Nilamy Com Team

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    Original Lyrics in our Channel

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  35. Budi Dermawan

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    Ariana is Grandee!!!

  36. Jessica Kabessi

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    Obsessed with this version *i have it on repeat*

  37. Noor Helmie

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    i'm in love

  38. samsun akmal

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    Pls the splatfest theme is tf2 Nad overwatch

  39. samsun akmal

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  40. samsun akmal

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    Nintendo pls add overwatch to the switch pls and add cuphead an team. Fortress 2 pls or even tf3

  41. KenzieBooBooZiegler

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    she dont need autotune

  42. Be Lightning

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  43. Typical Moonlight

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  44. LaMikasaLoL :P

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    Only one thing,*AMAZING*

  45. Euan Jimenez

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    I love how I actually understand what she's saying.

  46. pinavinada

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    I love this Ariana cover of Ariana.

  47. Yoga Ramaswamy

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    This song is tough to sing and she sang it soo well. I love this.

  48. Audette

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    This her best performance of this song yet, I can’t stop watching. So effortless and beautiful

  49. fede rossi

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    2:04 ehm...a robot?

  50. vimarsh bohra

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    why is she so beautiful😍😍😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  51. タラバガニ

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  52. misty zolman

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    One of the most beautiful songs! Seriously makes me feel happy when I listen to her sing this !!

  53. Diego Arana

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    Dang this girl can SNAG!!!!!!!

  54. Hello Lia

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    I love

  55. nowonmetube

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    I wonder how much Nintendo payed them to do that 👍🏼😂

  56. nowonmetube

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    Nintendo is doing good marketing these days 👍🏼

  57. Adorable Asmr

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    And this isn't trending #1

  58. luh putu

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    Beautifel voice Ariana Grande!!! ; )

  59. Suaidatul Aziemah Kusnadi

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    Goosebumps everywhere guys. Kudos!

  60. Nissi Pearl

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    I don't understand how come she can deliver a gold performance even in live!!!!!! Her vocals are everything... I stan a Queen 😘

  61. Nissi Pearl

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  62. Tripti Tripathi

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    2:04 that note!!!

  63. whizatall

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    so many talents in you, ari!

  64. J.Gabriel Samps

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    This performance is awesome

  65. GamerKlocke

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    Now that is talent!

  66. Ella

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    She's so amazing I love Ari 💖


    ZEIGO TALOW18 घंटे पहले

    22/5000 Please come to Japan anytime. Welcome

  68. Hannah Bordey

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    THIS IS SO CUTE. 😍😍😍😍

  69. unicorn fun memes

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    Omg this is great it litterally like the studio music lol.

  70. Cayleb 232

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    Oh man 😭

  71. Elizabeth Cañedo

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