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  1. Moonwalker EJ

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  2. Joseph Stalin

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    Iam so happy that queen still has a big community

  3. Ashutosh chouhan

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    1:15 that smirk though !!

  4. Jemoet Jemoer

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    Spoiler alert. Aids.

  5. Paul Walker

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    Marc Martel =D



    It took me to watch Deadpool 2 in the theaters in order to realize Rami Malek is playing Freddy Mercury. My life is complete!

  7. SmartieBert

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    If they've got it right then it should be a bloody good film....

  8. Räjãt

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    Mama Mia Mama Mia Mama Mia let me go! 👏👏

  9. ThatllShowEm

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    For those who want to know what songs are used in this trailer: Trailer starts with a copy of *Freddie's call and audience response from the 1985 Live Aid performance* (the "day-oh"s). Then we hear a mash-up of *Another One Bites the Dust* (base riff), *Bohemian Rhapsody* ("ooh baby," "just gotta get out"), and *Killer Queen* . Then a guitar riff from *Bohemian Rhapsody* before the first bit of dialog. Then it's a mash-up of "the operatic section" from *Bohemian Rhapsody* and *We Will Rock You* ... "Six bloody minutes?!" And finishing with *We Will Rock You* . Hope this helps!

  10. Inigo Montoya

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    So you got the most iconic songs and a legendary band and you're making a movie on it and you assign 3 directors but you don't assign Edgar Wright in a movie that's literally named after a song?

  11. Sofi Calderon

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    Am I the only one who have seen this like a thousand times? Gosh that remix is catchy

  12. Andrew Gala

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    Sasha baron Cohen was originally suppose to play freddie

  13. Spidey Reviews

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    I feel like Marc might be doing some of the vocals

  14. Niroj Bhujel

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    We will we will rock you🤘🤘🤘

  15. Nicki Rose

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    Sometimes things are authentic but look like a parody. This trailer made me want to avoid this film.

  16. י רוט

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    Freddies actor doesn't look alike at all. Big mistake they didn't take Sasha baron Cohen who looks very much like Freddie

  17. Nick

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    Should’ve been Sachs Baron Cohen.

  18. SilverBeat is Terry Carroll

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  19. דפי בראלי

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    Nothing about his h.i.v Shady a discrees

  20. Sonia Alanis Gutierrez

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    im listening to all there songs till this comes out

  21. Jeremy Castle

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    My life is now complete.


    SCH0LARS HUB6 घंटे पहले

    A chronicle of the years leading up to Queen's legendary appearance at the Live Aid (1985) concert in 1985. 🔴 *Bohemian Rhapsody | 2018 FULL~HD ☛ [ **shot.LA/ieGKI** ]*

  23. Elbert Edison

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    Can anyone list every songs played in this trailer please??

  24. ThatllShowEm

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    Elbert Edison Several people have, but the posts keep getting buried in the number of other comments. Since you asked so nicely, though... Trailer starts with a copy of Freddie's call and audience response from the 1985 Live Aid performance (the "day-oh"s). (And I do mean copy... If you want, search and listen to the original done by Freddie, which has a lot of crowd noise, and then for comparison, check out Marc Martel, who recorded the Freddie sound alike "ad libs" that aren't on the original studio recordings.) #BohemianMarcMartel Then we hear a mash-up of Another One Bites the Dust (base riff), Bohemian Rhapsody ("ooh baby" "just gotta get out"), and Killer Queen, ending in a guitar riff from Bohemian Rhapsody before the first bit of dialog. Then it's a mash-up of "the operatic section" from Bohemian Rhapsody and We Will Rock You... "Six bloody minutes?!" And finishing with We Will Rock You. Hope this helps!

  25. Cynthia Lizbeth Martinez Gutierrez

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    Es imposible controlar la taquicardia 😯😯😐😐😲😍😍😍😍😎💅💙

  26. Jacob Riddle

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    this feels like a WB trailer

  27. 1 Bad Jesus

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    LIP SYNCHING? ..hmm🤔I forgot did Foxx in Ray or Phoenix in Walk the Line?

  28. Ratna Teja

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  29. Diego

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    Freddie Mercury is rolling in his grave

  30. nicolle n.

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    Finally not another Marvel movie! 🙄😁

  31. Julian Allen

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    I hope rami does a good job...i thought sacha baron cohen was supposed to play him

  32. JustAnotherYoutuber

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    Is this the reincarnation of Freddy Mercury

  33. Untainted SKS

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    Until Freddy Until Mercury Until Queen Freddie Dawn Mercury Dawn Queen Dawn

  34. Jay Baby

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    this is the 8th time I've watched this trailer

  35. Aaron Dudutis

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    Looks like crap. Sad they scarped Sacha Baron. Mr Robot is too innocent to play Freddy

  36. Axon Drell

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    0:16 - 0:42 😍😍

  37. Adica Productions

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    Safe to say there will never be an Adam Lambert movie. Just saying...

  38. Ken Wolf

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    Mamaaaa.. oooooooooooo!!!! 😇😇😇

  39. Olle Henriksson

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    Man, how are the X-Men gonna beat this guy?

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    It's 12 am so I'm just screaming inside my head asdfghjkl

  41. cleru-desu

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    Delilah running through the piano keys XD

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    Who was bohemian rhapsody?

  43. Boosted Mercy Main

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  44. Suryansh Pandey

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    Maama Mia ♥️♥️

  45. Mike

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    The mark of a great teaser, when it makes you want to see even more of the film

  46. Dill Dildo's

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    y'know, it gets really repetetive when you watch it 6 times a day for a week. nah, just kidding. *it never gets repetetive*

  47. Mokoto The Faker

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    Al fin algo bueno en tendencias 🔥

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    Надеюсь покажут что он был педиком и пялился с Рудольфом Нуриевым

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    God i hate 20th century fox...

  51. Catherine ;

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    Queen shall live forever!

  52. New Music?

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    I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it!!!

  53. Lorenzo Gagliardi

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    (Insert jojoke here)

  54. Richard Willford

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    Fuck! I fully understand why Sasha Baron Cohen pulled out this film. Cringe!!!

  55. Da girly thing:3

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  56. TheGamingGeek

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    0:28 who is that?

  57. Post Malone II

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    2019 Oscars here we go.... Rami Malek!!

  58. Post Malone II

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    I think i already know the ending to this movie.... and its just sad😢

  59. Imamsyah Akbar

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    Could we skip the next 4 month?

  60. Freakin' Awesome

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  61. Vinh To

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    IT'S QUEEN!!!!

  62. gemma5632

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    Please be everything I hope it will and more!!

  63. Igor Pelin

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    Judging from the trailer, Malek doesn't exactly look like Freddie, in fact, he is smaller than real Freddie was.

  64. Sakuragi Arcega

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    must watch..

  65. grobleZEP

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    ye boi

  66. Suzanne Dixon

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    To the 6k people who disliked this....🖕 Lol. Queen is probably one of the best rock bands of all time. That's not an opinion either that's a fact.

  67. Julian Paz

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    Hoy sheat

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    Únicas y diferentes donde estáis?

  69. Henry Fox

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    Так, это довольно неожиданно, надеюсь, фильм они не всрут

  70. GigaGianluca

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    Freddie Leggenda !!!

  71. Fernando Isai Diaz Gtz

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    Ahora todos muy fanes del Bohemia Rapsody pero ni siquiera tienen sida

  72. World_of Complications

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    the white. straight outta Compton