Helping the Police Find a Gun Underwater to Solve a Criminal Case! (Metal Detecting Underwater)



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    Drop a thumbs up if you guys want us to team back up with the Columbus, GA Detective Unit on future videos! This was awesome!! haha (Wow! This video is currently #3 Trending on INreporter. This is crazy!! Thanks guys!)

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    DALLMYD just now realizing that you are talking about Columbus GA, not Ohio. I probably live withing half an hour from you

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    Police have scuba team why did they get you to do it. Not trained officer who are trained in scuba gear

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    DALLMYD this was cool bro

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    DALLMYD I live here

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    200th reply

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    Little toy cow was an awesome find.

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    Looks like a break-barrel pellet gun

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    Cool your THE coolest youtubers evver.

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    This gun look like a gas pump

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    That looks like a kar or a world war 1 pump shotgun

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    I like turtles

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    The turtle at 12:35 convinced me to subscribe.

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    Bunny Films Ii

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    Wow actually just thinking about doing that looks awesome

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    I would love to meet you so you could tell me what it’s like

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    I *L* *O* *V* *E* YOU FOR REALS

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    did you find the gun


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    Snub nose rev nice

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    Ik where that is I live in GA

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    TealDoesnt Looklikepeels same I’m in ATl

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    Aye come back and try to find it.

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    “Ay I think I found a pipe” LMAO

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    issa b yah ha

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    That’s the back of a boombox

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    The BB gun is actually a Sten from ww2, it is a German weapon

  27. Slavic Pepe

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    it isn't the hole is way to small to fit a 9mm bullet. and Sten is British. don't talk guns if you don;t know anything about it

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    sten is british man

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    Yes it is.

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    Milk Clan no it is not

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    I live in culumbus

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    CSmith_Games_06 same

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    CSmith_Games_06 you spelled your own city wrong

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    I live in ga

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    spythefox sameeee

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    There was a Pokémon

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    I still remember your braces

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    P2!! p2!!!!!!!!!!!

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    That's from the computer👻

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    it's the back of a boombox........battery compartment is in the middle.........

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    Wow, detective Kelly is kinda hot!

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    Midnight919motorsportS you hentai

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    That is an actual bb gun

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    He legit said the same fkn shit twice in his intro

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    Niels Cremer ?

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    Niels Cremer okay?

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    Imagine the person who threw it is watching this😂 and they're closer n closer to it nd hes just biting his nails😂😂😂🤣 idk thought that would be funny😂

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    Taya it was just a thoughttttttt😑 sheeshh🙄😂 but hmmm🤔 ur right

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    How tho? In jail? LoL

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    Lmao yea

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    Hhahahahaha yeah

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    My name is Kelly

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    Kelly Chen

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    .22 air rifle

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    S stapler?

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    People luttering

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    Did any body realized that he got a vulpix figure BTW its pokemon (not like anybody cares)

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    Jym Vitug I care! I love Pokémon

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    Jym Vitug it looks like the rail

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    6:10 isn’t that the slide from a glock or am I seeing things? Edit: nevermind it’s part of the stapler

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    It's too long

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    Andy Moto ta

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    TheBeardHasWoke R6S yeah, it has the same profile, it’s just slightly longer

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    Andy Moto I thought the same at first

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    wow ur so nice helping the police

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    Adrian Nicolo Mejia they prob didn't have a choice xD

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    anyone that helps the police deserves a bullet between the eyes

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    Daniel Merrick that's not what I see I see a retard who was raised in a terrible neighborhood and his or her parents were against the police maybe even criminals

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    Your mum should have taken it up the arse ..... best part of you dribnled down your mum's leg

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    1joshuawilson what

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    Nice music playlist, grandpa

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    1joshuawilson ur a criminal I guess

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    Was in the vid

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    Jordan from Jiggin’ With Jordan

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    It is the back of an 80's boom box

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    Your a GREAT helper wow

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    2 musch gun

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    Ek is by die huis en jy and the people who have been


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    CS:GO Frags/clips hahaha julie kunnen goed praten

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    Michelle van der Merwe jou afrikaans is kak.

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    Yes that was a bb gun

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    you gun' get killed

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    you gon' get killed jake. Now the killer knows you gonna go look for the weapon and he gon' kill ya

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    JetTunic0857935 2nd time’s gonna get em killed

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    Orri second times the charm?

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    Thanks for helping America

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    Solve a criminal?

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    Jb Steyn case

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    Spit on the haters

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    uganda knuckles you do not know de wae

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    10:45 it looks like radio song

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    what’s he’s calling a bb gun is the piston and barrel of a break action air rifle

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    what's next find space trash that landed underwater for NASA

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    What kind of camera are you using??

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    abdu 427 a GoPro obviously

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    I think he is useing a gopro

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    abdu 427 I think he uses a gopro

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    Where can I buy that hat you were wearing

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    Ypu guys do the best for helping our world and you guys are making were ever you live better keep doing what you do best

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    Aka being a snitch

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    joselin roque idk if many people would care if you would die. Just saying.

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    deizel1027 Yes, have you?

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    joselin roque it’s called a joke. Have you even been living in 2018?

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    Why not employ some magnets with your search.

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    part 2

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    diving stuff rule. Cool.

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    Plot Twist: He purposely never finds the gun because he is the murderer.

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    *Does anyone hear that man laughing in the background I'm super scared now*

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    Holy shit man, you are amazing props to you man! Remember watching you when I was a little kid doing drawing videos and bo2 clips and now you are helping the community and are a huge vlogger 👍

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    They found a vulpix

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    What Is the defeats

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    Are you being serious? BB guns weren't a thing in the Civil War. It seems you never payed attention in History class.

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    during your search you found what I think is the top of a glock

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    It was part of the staple gun

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    Ashton Allen and the stengun has hole in the left but the gun has no hole in the left side

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    the sten gun is SMG

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