Savage Moms | Mothers Day | Jordindian


  1. Cyrus Philip

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    That fatso women soo OVERACTING

  2. sujitha srinivas

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    Saying mom lik that is your mistake. You are like that

  3. mukta mehta

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    When will savage children

  4. Fresh Rawtten

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    Damn, you guys need to make videos more often.

  5. Satarupa Ganguly

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    U guys r Amazing

  6. Me as FUCK

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  7. As Khan

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    Make video on savage children

  8. jeff bob

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    3:46 - 3:49 - LOL lmao

  9. # peace out rj yt

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  10. # peace out rj yt

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    I know you can do it

  11. # peace out rj yt

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    Jordindian can you make Savage children in children’s day please

  12. # peace out rj yt

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  13. Tanmay Sahu

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    So laaaaammmeee

  14. Sudha Datla

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    So Cringy😬

  15. Logan paul

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    0 -10 sec GOT tune...


    SUFI'S PLANET11 घंटे पहले

    Only thing I like is 🤔 This is Atttaaa!!!😈💪

  17. Mohammad Abdul Allam

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  18. ReDcHiLLi

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    0:32 i think she is acting like Superwoman.... Or am i the only one.. 😄

  19. khais abdullah

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    Can you guys do a video on types of footballers during match

  20. Laura Blues

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    2:18 she looks like lily singh

  21. khali dibba

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    thi#ssssss iiiissss aaaattttttaaaaa......WTF

  22. Vanshika Singh

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    only channel whose video i can watch all day

  23. DarkoMon

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  24. DarkoMon

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  25. Aditya Savaikar

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    This is atttaaaaa!!!!

  26. smita biju

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  27. Narender Kaur

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  28. PRBN studio

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    Savage dads is way better than savage moms

  29. Jsjsjs Hsjjs

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    Make a video about people during ramadan 😉😉


    YOUCHUBE20 घंटे पहले

    Enough with the music...

  31. Anjali B Shetty

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  32. Tube Medely

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    Cringe level ... Savag3

  33. Red Rock

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    Im a big fan every video of u is awesome

  34. Hafeez Pasha

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  35. vandana bhandari

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    Dude you SUCK

  36. venkata krishna

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    every1 subscribe to jordindian they will get more subscribers

  37. Saniix

    Saniixदिन पहले Niharika so.much!😂😂😂❤❤❤

  38. xoxunicornlover 13

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    Can you guys please make types of teachers part 2

  39. Loga Divya

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    I thought that jordindian is loosing their Jokes

  40. Raj Mohan

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    stop scrolling i could have done farming instead of watching the video

  41. Ankita Pal

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    2:48 I have the exact same specs that Nasser is wearing 😍😍😍😍

  42. Somi Gera

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    Please make types of maids in india

  43. soumya jyoti

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    that slim lady overacted

  44. Jazz Mania

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    Guyz this an epic video.can u guyz please see my video like it and plz subscribe

  45. Sneha Gurav

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    do make savege children on children day

  46. Sriram S

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    You people can make ptm day for students

  47. C Balaji

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    Very funny

  48. trending today

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    This is Sparta lol

  49. Athokpam Ratanamala

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    Can you make types of fart

  50. Chetan Mhalsekar

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    These mom look so ugly.I disliked this video




  52. Aditi Pandya

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    Make more videos!

  53. Naushank jain

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    Can we make a jordindian spoof.

  54. Annalisa Mary

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    Honestly, you guys earned it! This video has been on trending for the entire week! I literally memorized the dialogues! I watch this video at least once a day! Never getting bored of this.... Cheers, Lisa

  55. ahsan mirza

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  56. Utkarsh Bhatia

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    The girl who played the role of vineeth's mum should've been naser's and the girl playing naser's mum should've been vineeth's don't u think?

  57. Sabarish Potnuru

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    Total video is savage...

  58. maya Rai

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    #Savagemoms #thisisatta👏👏👏👏👏

  59. Aesthetic

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  60. sreekumar anil

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    Jordindian is better than BYN

  61. Simply Otaku

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    This video suuuuuuuuuuccccccccksssss

  62. Mishika Lunia

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    i don’t know if someone noticed the Harry Potter reference (Sirius black)

  63. nix

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    Great hulk

  64. Arushi Sai

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    Wait I didn't understand second one...

  65. Nandamuri Rama Rao

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    Could have made it more funny . But it is kind of good

  66. invisible popstar

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    Niharika nm ❤❤❤

  67. Mohan P L

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    Its good but when your new video will come

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  70. prasanth dhanu

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    I cannot resist my self with out commenting This is the worst video I have ever seen in your channel the mom characters are overacting Plz don't make this kind of video and degrade urself

  71. LF BLAZE

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    bitch u can't even make a video like them and be popular as them you are just jelous