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    Hey dosto, As from the results of polls here is the summary of "YOU CAN WIN" by shiv khera. to join and poll for the next book join our seeken family BY JOINING OUR FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM PAGES CONNECT ON INSTAGRAM FOLLOW ON TWITTER

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    i seen your some videos, its great bro. i love it. i think you have a great expirience about all these things....i want to know that how you got knowledge about all these things? can u share something with me? bc im exited to know thats why...

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    What is your real name

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    SeeKen Aap bahut achy ho bahut achi baty karte ho per aap ka mazhab galt hai tm log boot ki pujja karte ho jis ko tm logo ny apne hath se bana hai aap etni samj nae ati k apne hath se banyi hui cheez bala kiase khud ho sakti hai Khudaa tu wo hota hai jis ny sb ko piadha kia ho har cheez ka mailk ho

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    please make video on steal like an artist

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    Why does this sound like ‘Rich dad poor dad’?

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    ap ka output 100% ho per apki sallary us k mtabiq na ho to kia woh job chorr deni chahye? please help me on this topic i'm too much worried about this topic


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    Love you bhai😊😊

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    Super Broo👍👍👍

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    Great explainnation ...!

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    Attitude hi apko dusro se alag krta hy

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    Attitude kese acha banaye

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    Sir nex video on what is Attitude...plzzz

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    Bhai book suggest kre....ek good leadership and Goals wining2...talent Find krne k liye

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    Supprb bhai

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    Make a movie on the secret book

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    Thenkyu for a video. ☺

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    Video bahoot acchi h Aur motivate bhi karti h Thanks

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    Nice videos bahi

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    one mistake was road was written as 'raod', goal as" gaol " i hope u will CORRECT it

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    Very nice

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    Bhai 1 company h networking ki future maker isko join krna chiye kya app btao

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    Make video on how to break your mind conditioning??

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    yh SB to book bech rhe hen,,,me 100% kosis k bad har gya

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    jitne k liye baki Sab ka harna jroori h

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    Hitler acha insaan tha!

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    8:18 ROAD spelling is wrong...9:06 GOALS spelling is wrong...but video was awesome thanks

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    Such a great video 👏👏

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    729 dislike person clearly show losers..thnx for nice video sir😎



    Sir ek bar elon musk pe video banaye na.. I really impress n get motivated by him...

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    You Can Win book by shiv khera 👌👌

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    Superb I am ur new subscriber

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    Awesome ....👍

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    Hey pleases make a video on awaken the giant with you book!!!

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    Wah . Chha gaye yar

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    you rock dude... nice voice... lovely video

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    video wid gud examples.... impressive

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    Hello Seeken, I really like your videos. Keep up the good works. Just want to point out a minor error regarding David and Goliath story. The conversation which you mentioned did not happened there. I got your point but the facts are different. David loved God, he trusted in His God to give victory. When people were looking at Goliath's big size, David was looking at the God who was much much bigger than Goliath also he was remembering the victories God gave him in the past. Hope you take this correctly. Once again keep up the good work.

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    Sir please make video on importance of meditations or how meditations enhance our lifes... I'm big fan of ur channels sir....i always see ur u sir.... Thanks sir

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    Hey man make clear video on investment plz..

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    Salute bro


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    Are You Successful?????? (Not By Money) By You??????

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    Apka real name kya hai😊😊😊😊

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    Sir please make video on mind map

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    Great motivational information.. thank you

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    ads adss bhai ky chal rh bas kro yrrrr

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    book name -- How to build multi level money machine --by-- Randy gage can you make summary video of this book in future ?

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    Bhut hi achi video h bhai

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    Thanks for uploading your video I only get motivated by watching your videos by the way which book do you read that has motivational things

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    Please make video on the book " art of the start " very useful book for entrepreneurs.

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    Subscribed Bhai..... Love Your Work.... Your Are Doing Great

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    Bro u r ossam your all videos are ossam like u

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    bhai ap yeh video kaise banatay hain??? plz tell me

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    bro ... i am not only watch your video but i follow them ...and whats new i seen change in life

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    Hey bro can I get the summary of a book called awaken the gladiator

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    Bhai saab Lincoln successful lawyer tha.. use business kara ke fail kara diya 😂😂

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    Hindi audiobook

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    Very good explanation in the video

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    bro How You match the timing of your voice over with your animation???????????Plz Share

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    I like it 👌🏻

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    Plz fast

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    Plz ek law job lake video banaiye ki kaise after 12 class what I do for law

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    Sorry to butt in, but do you really know what success is?

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    Super...Very very good motivation speech..

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    I can unsubscribe any channel but never gonna unsubscribe this one.

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    Bro EGO ke upar ek video Bane ke dalo am wating for your reply ???


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    bhai yrr supab bhai bhut hi mast tha

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    Jay Sadguru