Why I'm So Scared (being myself and crying too much)


  1. Hilda K Romero

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    Never left and never will!!! You are such a sweet soul ❤️ everyone has rough times, it’s just different cus most of us don’t have videos of ourselves everyday of our lives that we have to upload to INreporter for the whole world to see especially when something is going on in our personal lives. People are mean and demand the world out of you but show no loyalty either way so you do what YOU feel like doing. They get mad about videos on INreporter being clickbaitey, and here you were one person who wasn’t and they say “boring” “unsubscribed” how does that even make sense? This is exactly WHY you tubers do clickbait don’t complain after ! Bunny, you can never satisfy everyone at the same time. Pay no mind to negative nancies boo and always do you, the real swamp family members never left just like a REAL friend never leaves no matter how hard it gets!! Do what makes you happy girl and always remember there’s always ppl here that will always support you through everything 😘 We love you so much Bunny 🐰🐰💕💕

  2. Jade Batley

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    I’m so excited to see what you do next! ❤️

  3. Tessa Hilliard

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    You are amazing, Bunny! ❤️

  4. soph

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    I've always been here but im sosososo glad this has happened! i cant wait to see new exciting content of you being YOU!!! youre amazing

  5. Global Icon

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    10:00 @ all my friends

  6. mintelaine

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    i never really watched your videos, for no reason other than they weren't my thing. i was hearing about the first video you did with shane, so i gave it a watch, and i felt really connected to you and so i watched a few more videos.. specifically i liked your paranormal story videos. those ones felt very authentic and felt like a friend telling me a story. so i see where all this is coming from! i don't follow any 'big' youtubers because a lot of them seem very inauthentic, but the smaller people i follow have similar interests to me and are so authentic, i love them because they are so cool and they inspire me to be better! after watching this series of videos you and shane did, i have that same feeling of being interested and inspired by you. you live literally just a town over from me! maybe someday i can meet you :) so, like shane said, by showing more of yourself and your life, you can inspire other people from small towns that they can work hard and be like you. i mean, i don't want to be a makeup youtuber or anything like that but your story inspires me that it is possible for weird people to be successful, instead of outcasts. i LOVED these videos. i loved seeing more of your personality, your life outside of your videos. i would love to see more vlog type stuff (my favorite type of videos honestly) seeing your life in small town texas, inspiring me that maybe there is more to small town life. i would love to see more of your hobbies as well. you have a button press, you said you did a screen printing and sew, those are very exciting things that i would like to see more of! the youtubers i follow are mainly artist youtubers, so more videos about arts and craft type hobbies would show a new side to you. honestly, i just related so much when you talk about depression and anxiety, ESPECIALLY how it's been affecting you lately because i've been going through similar things (i mean, not a similar situation of course but more of similar thought processes). it seriously felt like talking with a close friend. i think maybe you need a therapist. you said how you weren't able to see things a certain way because of how stuck you were in your mental illness thought process.. that's what therapists are for! they help you think about things different, and reshape your view to be healthier. i totally know that feeling of having bad thoughts and thinking it's normal, but it's really not and it's so hard to get out of. really, i think you should re-examine what you want. don't do things because it's what you THINK your audience wants. just be yourself, do things you enjoy, try new things and be yourself and show people yourself. that's what everyone really wants to see. people change, and evolve. you do, and so do your viewers. you're allowed to change! you don't have to be the same person you used to be just because that's how people used to know you. we want to see YOU, the real you, not the same old videos and personality you think people want to see. don't overthink it! anyway this was super long idk if you'll see it but i've felt a similar way lately and have been dealing with it as well, so i wanted to let you know what i've been discovering :) i never followed you before but i can't wait to see more from you, of your 'new' self!

  7. Madison 3

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    I love you so much I turned notifications back on and followed you on all platforms that I have and omg you are the best AGAIN

  8. brittanyd314

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    We aren't going anywhere!! No matter what the content is, I enjoy every video and I always find myself watching one, then another and another, etc! I don't even hardly do my own make up, yet I will watch those videos from start to end! To me, what makes your videos great is YOU!! I love every aspect of what makes you you Bunny! I feel like I can relate to you and in some weird way, I feel like I do know you through your videos and Snapchat too! We are evolving with you and we are along for this ride with you as long as you will allow us! Love you!

  9. Madison 3

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    Bunny I can tell the entire swamp fam is soooooo proud and I'm going to be honest I was one that did leave but after that video with Shane I came back and I love you so much and I remember watching your videos with my grandma and we just sat there laughing and talked about you so much and now you're back and you're better than you've ever been and we can tell and I know you'll never read this but I just want you to know how much we love you 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

  10. geezthelisa

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    Shane is the Oprah of youtube

  11. dilEmma

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    We love you Bunny!! 💕

  12. Piper LaBarge

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    Bunny, I just want to say, thank you. I'm going to tell y'all a story real quick and I don't expect anyone of y'all to read it, but I'm gonna type it anyway. Okay, so, a couple weeks ago, I tried out for captain in my school's Drill Team. I was super confident about it since I was co-captain this past year, AND I practiced every day up until the audition day, so I thought I had it nailed. That wasn't the case. They gave the title to somebody that had never even been an officer. And they gave co-captain to my rival (who, btw, RAN OUT mid-audition). I'm still beating myself up over this. I worked so hard, and I wasn't recognized for it. I was at the lowest point I have ever been at in my entire life. I STILL AM at my lowest point. But, Bunny, your video gave me hope, because you went through something very similar. You went through the hardest time of your life, and you recovered from it. You made it better. So, again, thank you for giving me hope that my life has NOT ended here, but only just begun. Thank you, Bunny. For being the INreporterr everyone deserves.💕

  13. Mindy Saxon

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    Ok bunny I just have to say..I love you and shane, so much and I want to support you so much... I subscribed and liked your channel from 5 different channels I made!! I will definitely make more...I love you both so much😂😊😙😭

  14. Robin Durfey

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    Bunny sweetheart, just be yourself. You really don't have to tell everyone all about your life. First forgive yourself, we have forgiven you, not that there was anything to forgive. I don't know how you feel about prayer, but you my dear are on my list. Don't be so scared, take a left and fly...live your dream. Fashion sounds great....love ya sweetie



    *LOVE U*

  16. Ada Moy

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    Believe it or not Bunny, but I'm also dealing with Depression and Anxiety everyday and it's hard talking about it I'm proud of seeing you be yourself and not have to put on a act in front of millions and thousands of views. I don't exactly know what it's like to feel the pressure when your constantly making videos for everyday but I do know what it's like to feel stressed, depressed, and anxious believe me I feel those everyday of my life but I don't show it or speak much of it only because I have to give myself and my brain some time to sort things out with my feelings and thoughts, and if I ever told anyone about it then I'm afraid that I'll end up in the hospital again. Bunny, I know it's not easy and I know that the amount of pressure you are put under as a entertainer is stressful, complicated, but at the same time all of it comes with good things. I mean, look at Shane he isn't afraid to put himself out there and be himself ever since he came out as bisexual he felt a sense of relief and we got to see the goofy, weird, happy, exciting Shane. What I'm trying to say is that, being yourself and not caring what others think about you or your content is a way of an break stop from everything. I'm excited, to see what you have in store for all of us, and remember Bunny you are WORTH IT, your amazing, funny, caring, loving, beautiful, smart, generous, don't be afraid to put yourself out there and do something bold. We are right behind you, every step of the way Bunny. Learn to love yourself before you love others. Love you bunny.

  17. Catie Caldwell

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    Can just point out that her nail polish matches her eyes 😍💙

  18. xXGamergurlXx

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    Love u bunny! ♥️

  19. No And no

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    *Reads Description* Cries.

  20. Beautywith Sil

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    I loved this series and I love this bunny.

  21. Sophie Taylor

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    Love u sooooooo much


    NBA ALL-STAR2 घंटे पहले

    Shut up and stop crying

  23. Catriona McBride

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    It's nice to see the passion!

  24. Adiel Alfonso

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    You are great Bunny. Every time I need a good laugh I go back and watch your does this really work video where you tried the instasmile, it is hilarious.

  25. Kayleigh Devine

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    I like this bunny ❤❤❤

  26. Lubo Baggins

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    Bunny, I think your videos would be more watchable if you trim them down and edit them a little. Sometimes they can seem a little long winded and the point can be lost - whilst some things are repeated over and over. I think you’re great but I would love to watch a shorter version! xxx

  27. Amanda McBroom

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    I feel like you could see it as you lost yourself along the way. You tucked away part after part trying to fix yourself and please people that there were so many inconsistencies. It seems like saying the 'old' graveyard girl is 'dead' is rather harsh.. when in reality you're just putting 'her' back together again. You're still you, just scattered. Love you bunny. It's amazing to see a zest for life in you again. Cant wait for more.

  28. Nikki Ashba

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    I also left but I'm glad bunny is opening up to us. I'm sorry for leaving but I'm here to stay 💗

  29. Lauren Templin

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    Love you Bunny! 🐰

  30. Joe Hammal

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    love the new you and love this self confidence so relatable xxxxxxxxxx

  31. La Rose Ghost

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    I always was here but I haven’t been checking in. And when I saw Shane’s video I felt like I seen SOOOOOOOOO Much more of you and it was so exciting and new and different and I felt like it was the real you and just seeing you being happy

  32. Aubrey Vires

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    The world will always need people to remind them that reality is more fulfilling and enticing than anything being "perfect".Thank you

  33. Nia Sian Design

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    Resubscribed!! Please do a series on your ghostly experiences!! Xxx

  34. UDropped UrFace

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    WAY TO GO GIRL I KNEW IT!!!!!!!! I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!!!! I am sooooooooo proud of you And girl, you will never lose me as a fan :.)

  35. cam loon

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    love you , you do you :) !!!!

  36. waffle swiwrl c yummy:3xD

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  37. Hannah Lewis

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    I’ve been watching sense I was young and now me and my baby sisters watch you ! And they love you and I don’t see them that much but when we do see Eachother we talk about your videos

  38. Salma Jumma

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    i haven't been here so long actuallly i used to know you bunny before shane's series, but i saw so much of the same thing that i left it wasn't something interested me or drove me to watch more, yet i always thought about you even if i didn't know much about you or your personality now that i understant whats going on i would love to be updated on you and see different stuff and what you have to provide here on youtube. please keep it up so much love 😘💗

  39. Aimee Crann

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    we all love you bunny!

  40. Tammi Aneko

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    So proud of you bunny, been subbed since your actual paranormal vids, never unsubbed, and I'm glad you got to meet one of the best people in the world, shane is a saint but you hunny are worth everything I'm glad your being you like you once were

  41. Meghan Nash

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    The point you made about how you can get stuck in an aspect of your personality and spit out the same type of videos for a while (90's, toy DTTRW, etc) is EXACTLY how I felt. I definitely was getting tired of the same videos. We just need them more spaced out

  42. Pammella Mejía

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    U are beautiful in & out bunny dont worry, be urself we'll be here.

  43. Din

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    Just be real bunny and film you real life.

  44. Beccs Christflan

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    Never left.. never will

  45. Paulina Jaskulska

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    To be honest I loved all the outfits, hauls etc. on your channel and missed them so much. I mean, don't get me wrong, does this thing really work was fun for a minute, but it felt repetitive and... boring. I'm looking forward to all the changes, and hopefully see more of real you on the channel. We all are weirdos here, so don't let that stop you! ;)

  46. Julianna Patterson

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    What is Shane's channel?

  47. Pat

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    we love you no matter what, be strong

  48. Spalman

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    I love you so much! Thank you for being your old self again!

  49. Lilly Rodriguez

    Lilly Rodriguez4 घंटे पहले

    I love you so much and will continue to support you no matter what you do. I 💖 you very much Bunny #swampfamily

  50. Mason Mccoy

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    I never left your channel! I left INreporter for the past year due to life. I found myself absorbed in the lives of others that I had to separate myself from it. Due to an overwhelming level of anxiety and how rough this year has been... I found myself craving INreporter as an escape. I missed you Bunny and I’m glad you’re finding the silver lining. Do a meet in greet in stl or Chicago?

  51. Kathleen Kuhn

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    I never left, but I'm so so so happy to finally seeing you be yourself again!

  52. sofia's mine

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    I´ts so sad to see you uspet. Wish you get up to as much passion you had before. I´ts much better to have real passion and real exitement than just faking it so please don´t be scared to open up and show the real you. I believe in you Bunny, and I believe you can gain a lot more possitivity in your life again. Love you!!!!!! : )

  53. Niki2TheMaxx

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    I've watched you since 2012 or 2013, I never unsubscribed. Watching Shanes videos and yours have made me reevaluate my life. The way you talk about your anxiety and depression is EXACTLY how I am. I'm 30 years old, I know exactly what your saying about not being able to talk about things. I'm crying... you're like the best friend that I never had as lame as that sounds.

  54. Kiki Kyami

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    I knew 'of' you, but I've never been a subscriber so far. but I love this new 'human' bunny. you're not wacky 24/7, nobody is, that's exhausting. I think being a healthy amount of honest and vulnerable with your audience is the exact right thing to do for you right now. as an outside occasional viewer, I am sometimes a little daunted by the length of some of your videos. so I think getting a 2nd person involved to look at your content with you and maybe trim it a little is a great idea :) I'll definitely be checking in with you again, I recognize a lot of myself in you. we just gotta remember that not everybody is judging us all the time. good luck bunny :)

  55. sofia's mine

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    I´m so thankful for you for going through very difficult situations for us to make us feel happy. I can´t thank you enough. : )

  56. Angelinav1225

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    I might not be popular on INreporter but I feel everything she is saying and went through the same things emotionally and mentally. I subscribed to her years ago but I always knew it was for a reason♥️

  57. Sara Hevesi

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    Ahh Bunny! I also battle with always thinking that my best days are behind me . I’ve never heard someone our age admit that . I think it’s one of my biggest struggles sometimes I feel like all my friends lives are moving forward (getting married , getting engaged , getting pregnant , having kids ) and I just feel like I’m stagnant still single , just working and alone . Love you and wish you the best

  58. Ino ry

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    be good to yourself and do what makes you happy. If you always keep thinking about that you best days are gone... that's not true. Find out what makes you happy and work with this :D it doesn't matter what it is. people like to see who you are. No matter if its tears. You can do it and make the upcomming years your best years ! don't stay in the past, the future is all yours ! go for it x) (oh and... keeping things in.. isn't always the best :D). I also think that you should take you time, you don't need to upload every day. Put quality over quantity >v< and most important - don't pressure youself !

  59. Gabby Garza

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    So happy for you Bunny!! I’ve been here since the early grav3yard girl and I’ve gotten to see you grow and find yourself. Your channel was the first one I subscribed to and I have never regretted it:) I have always watched your videos when I was down and needed a laugh or even to just escape the stress of daily life. You deserve the best and seeing all your collabs makes me so so happy for you. I love seeing the true raw side of you cause it feels like we’re just hanging out and talking together as the swamp fam. Seeing the series with Shane made me love you even more. I don’t think there’s a problem at all with showing your luxuries that you worked so hard for. It’s actually very inspirational seeing that hard work and dedication truly pay off. However seeing that you also enjoy the old vintage stuff just makes you even more amazing. Never let hate comments get to you cause they’re not looking at the bigger picture and feel the need to bring others down to make themselves feel better. You don’t deserve that. Never forget that the swamp fam is here for you and loves you swamp queen❤️👸🏼🐊👑 love you Bunny!!!💕🐰🐊

  60. Audrey Warren

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    I admit I did stop watching your videos partially from my own being busy but also I did sense the lack of honesty but I love you and have come back and can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

  61. Audrey Warren

    Audrey Warren5 घंटे पहले

    Also tbh personally I don’t care whether a video is “polished” or not, however I am excited to see new experimentation of videos! But don’t focus too hard on perfection or being polished either!

  62. Billy Cooper

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    Wtf is this?

  63. Rainbow cutey girl OMG 101

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  64. Atalanta Olbrechts

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    I really wanna come through the screen and hug you

  65. Noctuary

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  66. Dangerous Lirium

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    Missing youuuuuuuuu

  67. Stefanie Helm

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    I first started watching 7 years ago when I was in high school. I really liked you content but this last year felt my age group was no longer the target audience. So now at 24 it's hard to watch the same ol slime videos. You're unique and seeing unique videos is what people want

  68. Supreme Gamer

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    Wtf is going on I am very late

  69. Samael

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    I came back.

  70. Alyssa Dusoe

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    I know what it feels like, I have been there and sadly back to that same narrative. Stay strong girlie!

  71. Fluffy husky Vids

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    hey bunny, just subscribed. i watched the series with shane and i felt guilty for not subscribing. hope you get all the love and support on youtube. bye